Our Top 6 Artwork Picks of the Week

This week we have scoured through our collections and found our very favorite pieces! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Lilies Dance with Koi by Sally Evans

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

This strikingly beautiful piece is sure to brighten your day as it provides a calming scene to reflect on. The artist puts her touch on the scene using pops of vibrant colors that draw viewers in closer for a longer gaze.


Biblia Sacra; They will all come from Saba (Omnes de Saba venient by: Salvador Dali

Medium: Color lithograph on heavy rag paper

As part of the Biblia Sacra collection, this piece depicts the Biblical scene of the three wise men’s journey to the city of Bethlehem to present gifts to God’s son born of Mary. The contrast of bright colors to dark silhouette provides a balance to the composition and playfully adds drama to the scene.

Sunset on Lamplight Lane by: Thomas Kinkade

Medium: Giclee on Canvas

The warm tones of the cottage lights and sunset reflected off the creek gives a feeling of being home. Kinkade captures the essence of nostalgia and utopia through this scene. Perfect in beauty, mankind is seen in harmony with nature.

Blue Swan by Elena Bond

MEDIUM: Unique Hand Embellished Mixed Media on Canvas

It’s no secret, here at Baterbys; we love Elena Bond’s work. We especially love her ballerinas. Why do we love them so much? Well just look at it! Bond is known for her unique style of painting! She uses a palate knife to paint nearly the whole thing. This creates a layered look like none other. Another cool thing about Elena Bond is that you can tell what medium the work is based on the color of her signature. If the work has a red signature then it is an original, Maroon is unique mixed media, and gold means that it is a hand embellished giclee on canvas. This piece in particular has a maroon signature meaning it is a unique hand embellished mixed media on canvas.

Palm Beach Lady by Peter Max

Max is known for using bright colors and American symbols and icons in his artwork. However this work caught my eye because it is different from most of his work. I personally find Max’s work to be exciting but some fine it cartoony. Maybe it is the bright colors and the simplicity of his work I don’t know, but this work is different. It uses darker duller colors, and while it is still simplistic is has more detail than most of his works.

Wild Exotic 1 by John Douglas

MEDIUM: print

This print caught my eye due to the bright colors and composition. Although it is different from any of the other pieces we picked it is beautiful. Douglas’s brush strokes are bold and soft all at the same time. This piece is perfect to complete any room or space.








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