Among our collection of over 1.7 million works of art, we are most proud of our selection of Masters of the Arts, those brilliant leaders of 20th century artistic movements who changed the art world and redefined creative exploration beyond the paintings themselves. Before visiting our gallery, become familiar with our Masters Collection and why we are thrilled to share with you some of the greatest artists in history.

1. Salvador Dali

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The most famous representative of the Surrealist movement and perhaps one of the most celebrated artists of all time, Salvador Dali is known for his eccentric style, highly unusual paintings, and visionary explorations beyond the realm of reality. Everything from his personal life to his artistic pursuits were infused with boundless creativity and boldness.

2. Pablo Picasso

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A household name in art, Picasso competes with Dali as the most important figure of the 20th century, mastering more than just painting but also sculpting, printmaking, ceramics, stage design, poetry, and playwriting. He is specifically known as a leader of the Cubist movement and embraced many other artistic periods throughout his decades of influence. Picasso will forever stand as a revolutionary of art.

3. Henri Matisse

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Henri Matisse’s great influence on 20th century art spanned nearly six decades as he stood alongside Picasso as one of the co-founders of the collage technique while delving into many other artistic movements. His art is characterized by strong emotions, particularly serenity and peace despite the world wars, revolutions, and ideological movements he outlived. Examining the works of Matisse means stepping into his private imaginative world.

 4. Marc Chagall 

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Another popular modern artist, Marc Chagall is familiar for his poetic and figurative style and his experimentation with various techniques and art movements. Although he absorbed ideas of Fauvism and Cubism and was considered a contributor to Surrealism, Chagall’s steady faith was always in the figurative arts, which made him a prominent leader of the traditional approach during a modern period. However, his works have a subtle Surrealist touch in their dream-like qualities and supernatural composition.

5. Joan Miro

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Another pioneer of the Surrealist movement, Joan Miro’s development of automatic drawing as a distancing from established painting techniques makes him an important addition to the Masters Collection. He worked in painting, sculpting, ceramics, printmaking and even stained glass depicting dreamy and spontaneous forms floating in bright realms of color. His friendship with Pablo Picasso sparked his interest in Cubism and the Dada movement; however, his experimentation could hardly confine him to one style or art form.

6. Peter Max 

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Although Peter Max is still growing as a leader of Expressionism and pop art, we consider him one of the masters for his “Cosmic 60s” style and contribution to the revolution of that time period. He is widely known for his bold, linear, and bright painting which reflected the psychedelic movement of the time and continues to do so into modern day. Max has worked closely with an array of pop culture and political icons, including six U.S. presidents and The Beatles, and is now leading the design of the newest season of The Voice.

Baterbys Art Gallery is proud to showcase our prized possession of works from the Masters of fine art. Alongside those mentioned above, we also have pieces from emerging masters such as Elena Bond, Duaiv, Gockel, and more.

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