Baterbys is excited to offer this opportunity to all the artists in Orlando. The aim is to show the communities of Central and South Florida and the frequenting tourists from around the world that Orlando has a flourishing breed of artists.

Baterbys is excited to offer this opportunity of a lifetime to all the artists in Orlando. The aim is to show the communities of Central and South Florida and the frequenting tourists from around the world that Orlando has a flourishing breed of creative and skillful artists as much as other metropolitan cities.
The winner will be featured alongside Picasso, Dali, Matisse and other highly-acclaimed contemporary artists in Baterbys Art Gallery located in Pointe Orlando. Situated in the heart of International Drive – Orlando’s busiest, tourist-driven thoroughfare – is the 6,000 sq. ft. facility that is home to thousands of artworks from Modern Masters to today’s most sought-after artists like Peter Max, Alfred Gockel, Duaiv and many others, drawing thousands of international and local clients. Other than the fact that Orlando is America’s 3rd most visited tourist destination, the Orange County Convention Center (located across the lifestyle and shopping center Baterbys is situated in, Pointe Orlando) also brings in over a million visitors each year (1,115,817 conference attendees in 2011).

The artist will be selected on the final judging night and exhibit reception on January 13, 2012 wherein the finalists are to bring four of their favorite and best works. Their masterpieces will be judged and scored by the audience present in the gallery, including the artists’ own fan bases, and also a lineup of avid art connoisseurs, esteemed art specialists and some of Baterbys own managers. Their scores will be weighted, allowing the votes of the “art professionals and collectors” to have a more direct impact on the results. A critical aspect of the voting process also takes place online by giving each artist the chance to rally up their FaceBook friends to “like” their profile pages on Baterbys’ website ( The more “likes” an artist’s page has, the higher their “community impact score” will be.

The six finalists are a breath of fresh air for Baterbys, representing six very diverse and equally compelling backgrounds. Some of these artists have battled life-threatening illnesses, lived around the world and have amassed critical acclaim in select niches across the country. All of them are inspired visionaries, passionate creators and charismatic individuals, carving their own places in the local art scene. Baterbys has no doubt that these artists will find a suitable clientele in their vast network than span across continents. The six finalists who will exhibit their work on January 13, 2012 are Sarah Ali, Koko Brandao, William Hardesty, Lena Luckey, Robin Maria Pedrero and Carlos Alberto Quintero. Get to know them more at

Three winners will be chosen on the night of the exhibit. The third place winner will be featured in Baterbys’ art gallery until the first art exhibit  in 2012 (February 10); the second prize winner will stay until March 9th, Baterbys “Second Fridays” event; and the grand champion (1st prize winner) will win a plaque from the Gallery and will be assimilated into the collection. Baterbys will host a Live Artist Show for both the second and first place winners. They will both have a chance to paint live during the event. Their artworks will join the items slated for Baterbys’ first auction of the year on March 24.

On top of being displayed in the gallery and backed up by the gallery’s strong marketing efforts, the winning artist’s work will also be assimilated in Baterbys’ “travelling shows”. Baterbys hosts art shows and auctions across North America in major cities like Los Angeles, Portland, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C. and Miami amongst many others. The gallery’s vast network of patrons from these various cities are always eager to collect the works of artists Baterbys vouches for.

Baterbys was voted as Orlando’s Best Art Gallery for two consecutive years (2010 and 2011) by thousands of readers of Orlando Magazine and Orlando Style Magazine. The gallery and auction house has also won advertising and marketing awards from the National Auctioneers Association and USA Today, including the Best of Show, for their excellence in the area. The winning artist will certainly be in good hands in terms of getting his or her name on the art world map.

For any further inquiries, email or visit Baterbys Art Gallery located at 9101 International Drive,  Ste. 1008, Orlando FL 32819. For more information about the contest, contact Natalia Jackson ( or visit

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