Dali and Religion

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Salvador Dalí had complicated and evolving views on religion. He was born to a Catholic mother and an atheist father. His father made sure his son attended public school instead of a Catholic one. In his early life, Dalí shared his father’s views on Catholicism. His early films made with Luis Bunel, Un Chien Andalou… continue reading »

Dali Symbolism: The Melting Clock

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Everyone is familiar with Salvador Dali’s iconic melting clocks, but most people don’t know the symbolism and meaning behind them. Dali’s most famous painting “Persistence of Memory” features these dripping clocks, but what do they mean?  Dali has said that while he was painting, time had no influence on him. This could relate to his… continue reading »

Dali: They Will All Come From Saba

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One of the most visually arresting images in Dalí’s Biblia Sacra portfolio is They Will All Come From Saba. The bright colors, smeared brushstrokes, and elongated lines make this work distinctive. They Will All Come From Saba by Salvador Dali Dalí’s illustration is based on biblical verses from Isaiah. These verses refer to God’s intent… continue reading »

Dali: A Museum Creator

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You may be familiar with the Salvador Dalí Museum in St Petersburg, Florida, but have you heard of the Dalí Theater-Museum? This museum, located in Dalí’s hometown of Figueres, Spain, was conceived and created by the artist himself. The museum was built on the former grounds of the Municipal Theater which Dalí felt was the… continue reading »


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The love story of Dali and Gala may be considered nontraditional, but the love and passion between them was undeniable. Salvador Dali would not have become the most iconic Surrealist if it were not for Gala. The two first met in 1929. Gala was 10 years older than him and was married with a child…. continue reading »

Dali Exhumed

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Salvador Dali’s body was recently exhumed this past summer to collect samples in order to settle a paternity claim. Fortune teller, Maria Pilar Abel, claims to be Dali’s only child and heir to a quarter of his estate. The 61-year-old defends her mother’s tale of the affair she had with Dali back in 1955. After… continue reading »

Disney and Dali

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Many people may not know that Salvador Dali was not only creative partners with Walt Disney, but close friends as well. The two collaborated together on an animated short film titled Destino in 1945. Dali was known for creating dreamlike scenes that dive into the expressive unconscious. His paintings were inventive, unreal, and at times,… continue reading »

Mouly: The Print Maker

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Marcel Mouly has shown his mastery in painting by creating compositions involving a dynamic use of light and color. However, he also became a master at print making, specifically in lithography. He set out on this creative endeavor when he was in Morocco, and started creating prints in the 1960s.  He worked in a studio… continue reading »