With over 1.7 million works of art in the most expansive selection in Central Florida, Baterbys Art Gallery has an artwork to suit every style and taste. Whether you are a homeowner trying to liven up your space, or an interior designer looking to rework an entire room, Baterbys will provide you with the knowledge and resources for all of your art collecting needs. Below are some interior design styles and images from our collection that will serve to inform and inspire your new home décor.



Mid-Century Modern:  Becoming popular in the 1940s through ‘60s, the mid-century modern style of interior design reflects larger cultural trends in art and architecture. However, in our day and age, it conjures up images of well-dressed men and women sipping cocktails and listening to jazz among chic, minimalist furniture. In the modern home, this style is characterized by natural hues and furniture with both clean lines and smoothly curving angles. In terms of decoration, mid-century modern favors asymmetrical or abstract patterns to add areas of excitement in a room full of neutral and natural tones. Walls, which are often kept white and sparsely decorated, serve to showcase large, individual pieces of colorful abstract art.









Farmhouse:This style has roots as early as the 1700s. In its beginning, this style of decorating was one of necessity rather than preference or cultural trend, as early colonists struggled to build and stock their homes with whatever materials were available. This frugality and accessibility has lived on into the farmhouse-style interiors of today. This style uses stone and wood in features like fireplaces or exposed ceiling beams to bring elements of the outdoors inside the home. Furniture is cozy, as soft décor is needed to contrast with the harshness of exposed stone and wood. Wall colors are kept neutral, again providing the perfect space for decoration that speaks to the rustic nature or warm atmosphere of the homestead.








Industrial:The trend of industrial interior design is more recent, and stems from the conversion of old warehouse buildings into stylish urban apartments. The most unique features of these spaces are the exposed pipes, bricks, and ducts, which add a raw and edgy industrial feel to the space. Furniture and décor can tone down the harshness of these mechanical elements. To soften the cold steel and concrete surfaces in such apartments, you could paint the walls warm, neutral colors and populate the space with comfortable, natural-hued furniture. Wall decoration should be sparse, in order to maintain the modern feel of the design; it should, however, add pops of color to enliven the interior.








Nautical: This final method of interior design is perhaps one of the easiest to identify. Interior spaces with a nautical style often utilize cool, blue, watery colors or a red, white, and blue palette that is more reminiscent of the ships and sailors. Either way, nautical furniture is often characterized by the use of natural textiles such as rope and linen, whose colors are similar to sand. Bold stripes are often used in nautical furniture, adding to a ship-like atmosphere rather than a beachy one. Driftwood may also be used for a more natural feel. Decorations often include images of sea life, anchors, maps, and other sailing instruments. Wall décor should incorporate such imagery, adding to feeling that the water is waiting for you just outside your door.










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