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8 Summer Essentials Sale

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Summer is here! And without further ado we are kicking off this summer at Baterbys with a sale on 8 essential art pieces that are sure to get you into the spirit of the season! This sale will be taking place until July 9. Be sure not to miss out on this opportunity to spruce… continue reading »

Baterbys’ Valentine’s Day Collection: 20 Romantic Artworks of Couples

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If you’re looking for a sweet way to show your significant other how you feel, why not do it with a romantic piece of art? Chocolates and flowers are a little been there, done that. The artworks below feature embracing couples, couples dancing or playing music, and couples walking on the beach or in a… continue reading »

The Best Stores for Art Supplies

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Need art supplies? Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we all are. Shopping for supplies can be frustrating and confusing, so we laid down the best stores both online and in major cities.  You’ll be done before you know it.  1. Michaels The common go-to store for arts and crafts is, of course, Michaels. It’s usually the first… continue reading »

Artist Spotlight: Marcel Mouly

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Marcel Mouly
Marcel Mouly was born in Paris in 1918. Mouly’s artistic career stated in 1935 when he started taking art classes at the French Academy. Mouly’s highly distinct style is defined by his use of vibrant color and can be compared to artists like Matisse or Van Dongen. Mouly worked in the Cubism and Fauvism styles…. continue reading »

Five Fun Facts About Alfred Gockel

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Alfred Gockel
Alfred Gockel’s first artwork was published at the young age of eight years old! From early on, Gockel was always fascinated with colors on paper. This interest led him to create art at an early age. Alfred Gockel is an academically trained artist. After graduating from high school, Gockel enrolled at the Polytechnic Academy in… continue reading »

Halloween Costume Inspiration

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Picasso Art Costume
It’s almost Halloween! So that means it’s time to start looking for an awesome costume that will make you stick out from everyone else. This blog post is about turning you favorite piece of art or artist into the most unique Halloween costume. …and while on the topic of Halloween…don’t forget to celebrate with us… continue reading »

Artist: Otto Aguiar

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Otto Aguiar, Couples Retreat
Otto Aguiar (1938-2006) In the artist’s words, “I believe that the most important gratification comes from those who are able to perceive the joy and harmony expressed in my work.” Otto Aguiar was a Brazilian artist who truly created some beautiful artworks in his lifetime. His paintings visually are entertaining and make you want to… continue reading »

Interview with Ivaldo Robles

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Ivaldo Robles, ser-de-los-elementos
Ivaldo Robles is an Abstract Expressionist painter from Cancun, Mexico currently living in Orlando, Florida. His works are a balance of the forms and colors of everyday life, and the  emotions and complexities of the world. Ivaldo’s artwork has a characteristic style which instantly will capture your eye. His naturalistic color pallet with golden hues… continue reading »

Patriot Day and Peter Max

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Peter Max with Statue of Liberty painting
Peter Max At age 16, Peter Max and his family moved from Paris to New York, from the moment he stepped foot into the big apple, Peter Max was instantly inspired. “We were driven across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan for the first time. My heart leaped as we crossed the bridge; the skyline seemed… continue reading »