Dali: The Illustrator

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While Salvador Dali may be most famous for his large scale Surrealistic paintings, he also completed a number of print series. His illustrations for the Biblia Sacra form the largest collection of prints made by Dali. The artist undertook many other illustration projects throughout his lifetime. Dali did not see publishing as any less noble… continue reading »

Dali and Religion

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Salvador Dalí had complicated and evolving views on religion. He was born to a Catholic mother and an atheist father. His father made sure his son attended public school instead of a Catholic one. In his early life, Dalí shared his father’s views on Catholicism. His early films made with Luis Bunel, Un Chien Andalou… continue reading »

Dali Symbolism: The Melting Clock

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Everyone is familiar with Salvador Dali’s iconic melting clocks, but most people don’t know the symbolism and meaning behind them. Dali’s most famous painting “Persistence of Memory” features these dripping clocks, but what do they mean?  Dali has said that while he was painting, time had no influence on him. This could relate to his… continue reading »

Pablo Picasso- A Man of Different Faces

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Pablo Picasso– you’ve heard of him, you’ve studied him, and you’ve envied him.  On April 8, 1973, Picasso died as one of the most famous artists of the 20th century and for that we celebrate him. After producing over tens of thousands of pieces of art, we have become pretty familiar with his artworks; however,… continue reading »

Artist Spotlight: Marcel Mouly

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Marcel Mouly
Marcel Mouly was born in Paris in 1918. Mouly’s artistic career stated in 1935 when he started taking art classes at the French Academy. Mouly’s highly distinct style is defined by his use of vibrant color and can be compared to artists like Matisse or Van Dongen. Mouly worked in the Cubism and Fauvism styles…. continue reading »

“Verve,” The Journal That Helped Define Modernism

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Verve, was a popular 20th century modernist Parisian art magazine published by Teriafe. The magazine had 38 issues in 10 volumes and included lithographs by the early 20th century artists of the Parisian scene. It reviewed the artist including letters and literature, and featured texts by artists and writers. The magazine played a large role… continue reading »

Sable Mouvant Suite by Pablo Picasso

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Sable Mouvant complete collection
Sable Mouvant written by Pierre Reverdy and illustrated by Pablo Picasso The French poet, Pierre Reverdy’s career flourished in  twentieth- century Paris. He was a part of the avant-garde group that consisted of artists such as Pablo Picasso, André Breton, and Georges Braque. His simple yet sublime poetry became a large influence to the artistic… continue reading »

Joan Miró: 8 Interesting Facts

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Portrait of Joan Miro in front of one of his masterpieces
“I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.” – Joan Miró 1.       At the young age of 7, Joan Miró attended his first drawing class. 2.       He came from an artistic background; his father was a watch maker and his mother was a goldsmith. 3.       In the early… continue reading »

Henri Matisse Event: ‘Painting with Scissors’

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Henri Matisse. Masques.1953
Get excited! It’s almost time for another fun event at Baterbys Art Gallery located in Winter Park Village (460 N. Orlando Avenue, Unit 116, Winter Park, FL 32789)! On Saturday April 12, 2014 from 12 noon to 3 pm Baterby’s will be hosting their Master of the Month event featuring one of the twentieth century’s… continue reading »