His Uniqueness 

20. In Picasso’s self-portraits, he appears often as a painter, an art student, a picador, and even as a Christ figure. Above all, he identifies with the Minotaur. While it is often seen as a monster who sacrifices young maidens, Picasso’s Minotaur could also be seen as a poignant creature.

19. Picasso loved pets and owned a mouse, a turtle, a monkey, and many cats and dogs.

18. Picasso often moved interchangeably between different styles, sometimes even within the same artwork.

17. Picasso reinvented collage when he attached oilcloth, newspaper, clippings, and other material to the surface of his painting. Under his and Georges Braque’s talent, collage became a unique part of modern art that abandons the idea that art is a window to nature and is instead an arrangement of metaphorical signs.

16. Picasso was not just a painter—he was also a sculptor, ceramicist, stage designer, poet, playwright, and print writer.

15. One of Picasso’s friends, Honoré Joseph Géry Pieret, stole several Iberian sculptures form the Louvre, and gave them to Picasso. Grateful, Picasso paid the thief 50 francs a piece. After police captured his friend, Picasso later tried to dispose of the sculptures by throwing them in the nearest river.

14. In 1967, Picasso donated a sculpture to downtown Chicago called the “Chicago Picasso.” No one knows what the sculpture represents.

13. Pablo Picasso has had more auction sales than any other artist.

12. Picasso had a close friendship with Marc Chagall, as well as a deep respect. But it dwindled after Picasso implied Chagall only painted for money.


11. “But remember, the only person that stays with you forever is yourself. Stay alive, whatever you do!” –Pablo Picasso


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