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30. Picasso’s work is usually organized into periods, including the Blue Period (below, 1901–1904), the Rose Period (1904–1906), the African-Influenced Period (1907–1909), Analytic Cubism (1909–1912), and Synthetic Cubism or Crystal Period (1912–1919).

29. Picasso’s work “Christ Blessing the Devil” revealed early and deep conflicting views on religion, especially after his sister died. The painting depicts Christ with a shining aura around his head, blessing an overwhelmed devil. While Picasso was born Catholic, he would later become an atheist.

28. Picasso completed his famous “Guernica” in just three weeks. The black-and-white painting reflects the destruction of the town of Guernica on April 26, 1937, by Franco’s German and Italian allies in the Spanish Civil War. The painting has become a symbol of the horrors of war. According to reports, after a Nazi officer saw a picture of Guernica, he asked Picasso if he had done it. Picasso replied, “No, you did.”

27. Starting in 1935, at the age of 53, Picasso began to write poetry. Like his art, his poems defy categorization and are largely untitled, lack punctuation, and are mostly scatological. A line of one of his poems includes “the smell of bread crusts marinating in urine.”

26. The USSR awarded Picasso the International Stalin Peace Prize twice, once in 1950 and again in 1961 (then renamed the International Lenin Peace Prize).

25. In 1944, when Picasso was 62 years old, he joined the French Communist Party soon after Paris had been liberated from the Nazis.

24. In 1949, the Paris World Peace Conference adopted a dove created by Picasso as the official symbol of several peace movements.

23. When Picasso became disenchanted with traditional Christianity, he found an ally in Nietzsche’s works. One researcher even declares Picasso as “Nietzsche’s painter,” one who visually grapples with Nietzsche’s “Crisis of Truth.”

22. Picasso’s iconic shirt is a Breton-striped shirt. The navy and white striped knit top was the official uniform for French seamen, with 21 horizontal stripes to represent each of Napoleon’s victories.

21. “When they say I’m too old to do something, I try to do it right now.” –Pablo Picasso


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