The love story of Dali and Gala may be considered nontraditional, but the love and passion between them was undeniable. Salvador Dali would not have become the most iconic Surrealist if it were not for Gala.

The two first met in 1929. Gala was 10 years older than him and was married with a child. She fled the typical married life to live and travel with Dali, whom she fell in love with instantly. After their marriage in 1932, she became Dali’s muse.


Dali often depicts Gala in his paintings such as The Madonna of Port Lligat and Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea. She served as Dali’s manager and acted aggressively to promote his career as an artist. He often signed his paintings with her name as well, crediting her for her inspiration.


  ‘I would polish Gala to make her shine, make her the happiest possible, caring for her more than myself, because without her, it would all end.’ 




Gala had many affairs while she was with Dali, and he encouraged them since he practiced candaulism. As the two got older, both began to spend time with individuals of the opposite sex. It wasn’t a normal marriage, but the two were content with their relationship together. Dali bought Gala a castle in Pubol in 1982 where she died the same year. Dali became unwell after her death and died in 1989. Gala was the key to Dali success, channeling their romance to create some of the most famous masterpieces in modern art.


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