Art enriches our lives and culture like nothing else. Without art, it is needless to say that we would live in a very different world. As we all do with food, fashion and other varying experiences, it is worthwhile to form a stance on what you find desirable in art. From classical landscapes, to modern sculpture, the art world offers something for us all to enjoy. There are several ways to form an opinion on what you love and may wish to collect. Here are a few that have proven helpful for me on my own personal journey in the discovery of all that is “art”.

Looking at art in museums is a fantastic way to take a stance on what you enjoy. Typically, museums house a variety of artworks which span various styles over many decades. This is a very good starting point, especially when your knowledge of art is limited.

Oftentimes, what you are looking for is right in front of you! Ask your friends what kind of art they enjoy or who their favorite artist is. It is likely you will learn about a new use of medium or  of an artist that you have never investigated.

Most museums and galleries have lectures by curators and published art historians on a plethora of different artists and art related topics. This is what inspired me to study art history in the first place. There is nothing more inspirational than listening to an art historian share their knowledge with a captivated audience!

Where better to find inspiration and spark new interest in the arts than at your local gallery? Art galleries carry the responsibility of educating their community and promoting local artists, so there are few resources that are more tangible and eager to help than your neighborhood art gallery associates.

When you paint, what personally inspires you? What do you find challenging? Are you the type to create something abstract or representational like a landscape? A challenging representational subject matter may instill awe when you look at the paintings of Jacques Louis David, or the large color field paintings of Rothko may evoke emotion when you are able to relate to the labor intensive process of sculpting and reworking a massive canvas. Be the process difficult and frustrating or soothing and therapeutic, relating to artists though your own efforts will surely peak your appreciation for those who call themselves artists.BTB-121-04-Event-Graphic

Discover what you love by visiting our new exhibition: Peter Max: Celebrating Life in Color open to the public from September 12th to October 14th. Open hours are Mon-Fri 10am-5pm. The opening celebration will be on Friday, September 16th from 6pm-8pm and will feature not only one-on-one consultations with our fine art specialist but also a fun and educational seminar on the artist and his creative career. For more information about this event visit the event page or call 888-682-9995.

See you there!


Baterbys’ Fine Art Specialist

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