Many people may not know that Salvador Dali was not only creative partners with Walt Disney, but close friends as well. The two collaborated together on an animated short film titled Destino in 1945. Dali was known for creating dreamlike scenes that dive into the expressive unconscious. His paintings were inventive, unreal, and at times, a little trippy. Disney was also known for creating visually stunning works that were often otherworldly and of course, magical. It isn’t hard to see why they worked so well together, both having highly creative imaginations.

Salvador Dali and Walt Disney

The project between the two was halted due to financial issues during World War II, which stopped production of the film for 58 years. It wasn’t until 1999 that the project was unearthed again by Walt Disney’s nephew, Roy Disney. With over 25 animators, Dali’s animations were put back together with the help of a journal kept by Dali’s wife, Gala. The finished product is a combination of traditional and modern animation.





                                                                  Scenes from Destino

Destino, which is Spanish for destiny, is a love story following the character Chronos who falls for a mortal woman. The scenery of the film shows Dali’s surreal style and resembles many of his most iconic paintings. Disney and Dali blended their styles to create an overload of impressive visuals, and their match-up as artists produced a Surrealism dream.

Salvador Dali working on Destino in his studio

Want to see Salvador Dali and Walt Disney’s work come to life? Watch the entire Destino film here

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