This month we have spotlighted multiple beautiful works from the masters of abstract, surrealism, and impressionism. However, right here in our hometown of Orlando, Florida lie talented and influential artists changing the face of design, décor, and art. The technological age has brought with it new opportunities for art and creativity, expanding the scope and possibilities of the imagination. Featured artist of the week, Dan Meneely, is a master of the graphic arts while still incorporating traditional mediums such as painting and illustration to create true masterpieces. His artistic focus ranges from abstract expressionism, impressionistic landscapes and minimalist color studies.

On May 18th, 1969 Meneely Shark-Suitwas born into a family with rich cultural roots in American art and industrial history, most notably owning the Meneely Bell Foundry of Troy, NY. This surely served as inspiration for him along with other cultural influences that helped spark his passion for design and fine art. From an early age Dan was a painter and after graduating from the University of Georgia in 1997 chose graphic design as his profession. He has been the creative genius behind works for highly visible brands such as The Coca-Cola Company, Marriott International, and Embraer Executive Jets just to name a few while also owning his own company, Dan Meneely Design LLC. He now lives in Orlando
with his wife and two children. Dan Meneely 2

Meneely’s graphic works express an escape from reality into the borderline absurd, such as seen in his imaginative piece Shark Suit (above) . However, despite his passion for the graphic arts he never lost his love for fine art, as seen in his vibrant collection of acrylic paintings displayed at Baterbys Art Gallery. One of our favorites, Saturn and Venus (right), encompasses his perfect use of colors, shapes, and layering to almost give the impression of a digital piece despite being original acrylic on canvas. Similarly, Sailboat Memory (below) includes elements of abstract expressionism through recognizable sailboats juxtaposed with abstract shapes and transparent sketches on a field of blues and greens.

Dan Meneely’s wide rDan Meneely 4 boatsange of specialties allow him to create beautiful masterpieces for advertising, design, decoration, and our pure enjoyment. We welcome guests to appreciate his works in our gallery and even purchase them to adorn your own home or office. For more of his acrylic paintings visit our website or stop by our gallery where we are offering 20% off select abstract pieces throughout the month of October.

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