In honor of “Abstract OctobD7_Duaiver” we love to share with you the beautiful works of Duaiv. Known for his use of bright colors, dramatic strokes, and inspiration from travel and music, the French-American artist has become a household name in impressionist art and a valuable addition to the Baterbys collection. Although he is not necessarily considered an abstract artist, many of his works use shape, color, form, and line to form visual masterpieces beyond the realm of reality.

Duaiv was born in 1952 in France near Bordeaux to artistic parents and began painting at the age of 3 with his first oil painting completed at 9. He was classically trained in music and art at the Conservatoire Nationale Superieur de Musique in Paris where he mastered the cello and the École des Beaux-Arts for painting. His accomplishments in both have taken him around the world and opened many doors for him, including being mentored by surrealist artist and another favorite of Baterbys, Salvador Dali, who taught him how to blend his love for both forms of art. On many occasions Duaiv has performed spontaneous cello performances before book signings and gallery openings.


Inspired by his travels, French heritage, love of music, and favorite artists of the past, Duaiv has a truly unique style that portrays a contemporary spin on traditional French impressionism at its height. Despite the appearance of many tones and hues shining through his pieces, such as in Abstract Colors (top) and Abstract Racy (right), the artist typically uses only about six to eight colors of canned paint on each work, which he molds with palette knives, small brushes, and his fingers. His inspiration from boating and seaports can be seen in the piece Splashes (below), an abstract depiction of sailboats, one of his favorite subject matters.

Duaiv moved from France to SplashesAbstract-SailsAmerica in 2003, became a citizen in 2011 and currently resides in Miami, Florida. He has received many awards and accolades including the Commander of the Order of the Star of Europe and the European Foundation Prize for his efforts to assist contemporary artists and his country, awarded by HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark. He is listed as a top-rated painter in the Benezit Directory and was featured in the “Who’s Who” of International and American art. These are only a few of his recognitions for his beautiful works exhibited all over the world including across France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, the United States, Tunisia, and Australia.

Baterbys Art Gallery is proud to showcase the iconic work of Duaiv, including the abstract pieces mentioned above along with many other of his impressionist works. To see more from Duaiv and to purchase your very own original piece from the esteemed painter feel free to stop in to the gallery, book an appointment, or view some of his paintings on our website.

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