Featured Artist: Elena Bond 

Artist, Elena Bond
Artist, Elena Bond

“I see Elena as one of the key artists in modern impressionism, pushing the boundaries of the movement in a way that hasn’t been done previously.” – Pierre Henri Matisse

About Elena Bond:

Artist: Bond, Elena  Title Sailing Sunset
Artist: Bond, Elena Title Sailing Sunset

Elena Bond was born into an artistic family, her great-grandfather and grandfather were both artists and her mother was a pianist.  Bond grew up in Russia and studied at the State College of Art in Uzbekistan. She then acquired her master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts while taking part in numerous international, state and city exhibitions. Today Bond lives in Miami, Florida where she is continuously inspired by the colors and weather of the coast.

In her works, Elena captures impressions and recreates the moment with a thick application of paint using a palette knife.


Artist: Bond, Elena Title: Ballerina'S Dream
Artist: Bond, Elena Title: Ballerina’S Dream

Her colors are exciting and vibrant such as the Fauvists, and her free brush strokes are inspired by Monet’s. Bond never settles for one form or design; with works ranging from simple portrait and still life images, to difficult, multi-figured works. Bond’s paintings are immensely collectible these days and are flying off her easel into the homes of private collectors here and abroad.

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