Next month, On June 8, 2012 – Friday, we’re proud to introduce and welcome to Baterbys Art Gallery and for the very first time in Orlando, Elaine Murphy. Watch Elaine paint live at the event taking place at Orlando’s Best Art Gallery.

Next month, On June 8, 2012 – Friday, we’re proud to introduce and welcome to Baterbys Art Gallery ( and for the very first time in Orlando, Elaine Murphy. Expressionist painter, fashion and jewelry designer, animal rights advocate and all-around artist, Elaine is a woman of many passions and talents. She pursues each one of them in her own inimitable flair with elegance and fluidity. RSVP now at
Watch Elaine paint live at the event taking place at Orlando’s Best Art Gallery (voted by Orlando Magazine and Orlando Style Magazine). Art collectors and event attendees will be tantalized by Elaine’s creations as they enjoy sumptuous Cuban cuisine and mojitos by Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar (Reception starts at 6 PM).

The multifaceted artist Elaine Murphy describes her paintings as “raw, sensual and suggestive”, portraying subjects that seem to be intimate lovers, sculpted bodily contours of men and women and other sultry figurative images embedded in a dazzling array of warm and inviting colors. Her work is pure Abstract Expressionism with its untamed and unbridled use of colors and form.

Elaine Murphy is a native of Dublin, Ireland. She is an Irish artist and designer who is currently based in beautiful Naples, Florida. She grew up in Dublin in a show business family, : her father Mike, being one of Irelands most famous and respected television hosts, and her mother Eileen was a former fashion model.

Elaine trained as a fashion illustrator and studied fine art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.  Elaine soon expanded her creative pursuits from fashion to jewelry design to abstract and figurative art.  She also founded her own factory devoted to her ceramic designs and home accessories.

After performing as a high fashion model in Dublin and London, Elaine returned to her true passion, her art. She worked in London for the renowned fashion designer Zandra Rhodes, while illustrating and designing for several women’s high fashion magazines, including “Image”, “Woman’s Way” and “U”.

Her design work has been celebrated and sold worldwide: she has designed for a number of leading brands, including Waterford Crystal, Wedgewood and Riverdance. Elaine moved to Palm Desert, California in 2000 and focused on her fine art large format figurative and abstract paintings. Her paintings now hang in many private U.S, international and celebrity collections.

Elaine returned to her first love, fashion, in 2011 and has launched the “ELAINE MURPHY ART TO WEAR” Collection. This features hand painted clothes, and one of a kind necklaces, bracelets and earrings. She is an avid animal lover and supporter of animal protection focused charities. She and her partner George have several rescued animals.

The viewer may find traces of Abstract Expressionism in her work. “In my paintings, I love to combine raw, spontaneous abstraction with minimal, suggestive lines to express sensuality, fluidity, and elegance,” she says. The best description of artworks in the category, as popularized by Jackson Pollock, William De Kooning, Lee Krasner, Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman  amongst others, is that they are highly charged, gestural, alternating between abstract work and powerful iconic figurative images and created through a dynamic process.

Baterbys was voted as Orlando’s Best Art Gallery for two consecutive years (2010 and 2011) by thousands of readers of Orlando Magazine and Orlando Style Magazine. This year, the National Auctioneers Association and USA TODAY, out of thousands of entries, chose Baterbys as the best contender in the annual Marketing Competition, winning “Best of Show”. Baterbys took home 12 awards in these categories: Various Photo Categories, Postcards (Personal Property), Postcards (Benefit), Catalogs (Benefit), Newsletter, Bidder Card, Auction Promotion: Signage, Vehicle & Outdoor Advertising & E-Newsletter. Locally, Baterbys won the Best of Show for the Florida Auctioneers Association Marketing Awards late in 2011, winning in as many as 10 categories.

For any further inquiries, email or visit Baterbys Art Gallery located at 9101 International Drive,  Ste. 1008, Orlando FL 32819. For more information about the exhibit and SecondFridays event, contact Natalia Jackson ( or visit

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