8208846The Olympics are upon us, and with it comes the global competition and gold medal counts. Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the countries of the world have another opportunity to showcase their athleticism and skill. Over the years, we have been witness to historical and iconic moments that have helped define the Olympics for what they are: the chance for global representation and peace, all while showing love for one’s homeland. Get ready, because this Friday, August 5th, another round of Olympic games will be set for the world to see.


At Baterbys, we offer an Olympic collection that celebrates some great moments of the Olympic past. You can see what we have to offer to commemorate this part of history, on our website, or by calling the number below. We have a specialized consultant available to help you find your next artwork.

Baterbys Art Gallery

6848 Stapoint Ct.

Winter Park, FL 32792

(888) 682-9995


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