Meet Lena: Originally from Prague, Czech Republic, this young artist steadily evolves in her work thanks to her numerous travels. From Western Europe, to Asia and then America, she has visited many countries that all inspire her in different ways. Lena is able to take something away from each of her journeys and incorporate part of each culture into her work. When she’s traveling, Lena tries to establish a relationship with the local community that embodies the foundation of her art. This enables her to infuse several continents together through her artistry and bring serenity into people’s home through her experiences. She describes a transcendental relationship that connects her personality, her subjects, and the audience who view her paintings. As she strives to bring peace and joy to those around her, she successfully blends different cultures and identities together creating a sense of unity.

Lena’s influences are visible in her works that depict her unique and recognizable style. But her art goes far deeper than its aesthetic appearance. For Lena, painting is truly a spiritual experience. She associates her painting style with ‘spiritual emotionalism’ which expresses strong feelings that will touch anyone who observes her work. Lena’s favorite color is deep blue, the color of the sky and ocean, and if she were an animal she would be a butterfly; free and colorful.

As a true humanitarian, Lena sees herself as part of a larger entity. When asked if she is successful, Lena stated; “I feel I achieved a lot in such a short time, but ‘globally successful’ I don’t think so. For me, success is not something that I can see on a personal level, but rather I see it on a global scale and I cannot be truly successful as long as some people don’t live in peace…” Lena is also part of numerous charities that actively seeks to help others. Her philanthropic personality is also clearly visible when asked what she would do if given $20 million; she has a clear plan. “I have always dreamed of helping other artists. I would build at least 15 small studios for talented artists to work in for a year to give them a chance to be creative. This would include an art education, which I never had, and the opportunity to have 5 of their works produced a month to sell and support the whole project”.

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