If you happen to view an Impressionistic artwork, step back a little, squint your eyes and try to look at it from different angles to scrutinize the varying effects of the light as it casts a gradation of shades and tones on the piece. If people back then went through these steps, they would have understood the intention of Monet and his friends during their first collective exhibit in Paris. When Impressionism was first introduced to the public in 1874, it had gone under a harsher light of scrutiny.

The rule of thumb about first impressions stayed true to its essence: it lasted. Centuries later, this movement that casted shadows of doubt on the art scene emerged as a major precursor of latter definitive art movements. Today, Impressionism is not only widely praised, but more so, it has evolved and mutated into other branches. Nonetheless, there are some artists whose work still reflects the classical elements of playing freely with light and color as with perception and vision.

We are excited to introduce to our clients and future collectors an amazing artist whose skills reflect the great Impressionist masters of the past. As a master of Heavy Impasto (pallet knife painting), Russian-born Elena Bond began creating from a very early age where she would draw and use her mother’s makeup for color. At the tender age of eleven, she attended an art school whose main curriculum was visiting museums where the students not only learned the basics of art, but also the theories behind it.

This experience helped her understand her calling to be an artist. When Elena was fifteen, she attended the State College of Art in Uzbekistan where she completed her major of Scenic Design with honors. Her work after which ranged from teacher, restorer and theatre set designer.

Elena factors in the intricacies of color, depth, subject matter within the wider context of perception and truth. A viewer sees an Impression of a café in Paris or a beach scene in the Mediterranean under the strictest adherence to her persona vision. The true beauty of her artistry lies beneath her process of creating. Under the right light and from the correct distance, the image changes right before your eyes. It transforms into a personal, almost reminiscent account of a similar place, time and context.

Elena Bond’s work demonstrates the techniques many of the independent artists in the 1800’s adopted: short, broken brushstrokes that barely convey forms; pure unblended colors; and an emphasis on the effects of light on the subject matter. The impressions her work may leave on you may last longer that her own memories – a quality only the Masters could have achieved.

After years of working in Eastern Europe, Elena and her family won the Green Card Lottery to the United States. Here in the US she is able to continue painting both recreationally and professionally. Elena currently works as a set designer for the Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida, as well as a gallery favorite all over Central and South Florida. We at Baterbys Art Gallery are truly fortunate to host an evening with this iconic Artist. This event will not only showcase a star, it will also show that we at Baterbys are passionate about our artists.

Start your collection of Elena Bonds Works and see her live at out Second Fridays Event on March 9, 6pm.

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