Mouly: The Print Maker

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Marcel Mouly has shown his mastery in painting by creating compositions involving a dynamic use of light and color. However, he also became a master at print making, specifically in lithography. He set out on this creative endeavor when he was in Morocco, and started creating prints in the 1960s.  He worked in a studio in France equipped with essential lithography tools such as ink, rollers, limestone slabs, and traditional 19th century presses.  He relied on teamwork when it came to creating lithographs, and valued the process of making multicolored prints.



Yachtmen au Ciel Bleu (Yachtmen Under the Blue Sky)

In his lithograph called Yachtmen au Ciel Bleu (Yachtmen Under the Blue Sky), Mouly demonstrates using multiple colors in a single print. This involves using a different limestone slab for each color. With a variety of colors in this particular print, Mouly shows his attention to detail and eye for precision. This print is dominated by blue, but Mouly adds touches of bold and bright colors that defines his skill of light and color.




Interieur (Interior) 

In Mouly’s lithograph entitled Interior, he is able to convey a painter-like composition with loose marks that imitate brush strokes; even with his bold style and quick strokes, viewers can still see and feel the interior of the room. Using a simple color palette, he creates an atmosphere that is subdued, almost melancholic, yet visually striking.



It may have taken Mouly some time to master the art of lithography. But in the end, no one can deny that his prints exhibit his skill and overwhelming appreciation to the art of print making. Truly, Marcel Mouly can not only be called a painter, but a master print maker as well.

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Other examples of Mouly prints available:



Color lithograph on Arches paper
18.5 x 25 in.







Guitaire et Damier sur Nappe Fleurie
Color lithograph on Arches paper
45 x 35 in.