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Benefit Auction Services

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Improve your fundraising efforts with Baterbys' trained and certified auction professionals!

A professional Benefit Auction Services (BAS)-certified auctioneer can raise substantially higher gains for your non-profit organization through experience, continuing education and excellence in three major areas: sales and marketing, auction items management and customer service.

Baterbys Benefit Auctioneer Services cover these three areas that have been tested and proven to increase an organization’s auction sales. We offer these services to your non-profit organization because of our long-term commitment in this endeavor so that your organization has more outreach opportunity.

Unlike other kinds of fundraisers, people who come to auctions do not decide on a “donation ceiling”. When people come to an auction, their mindset is “what’s the most I can spend for this non-profit organization?” not “what’s the least I can do?” Baterbys professional auctioneers and sales team will strategize based on this bidder mindset. We will work to understand the cause of your charity group and tie this information in with the buyer disposition. Throughout the event planning process, the Baterbys sales and marketing team engages your non-profit group’s project coordinators to shape the overall direction of the auction event. We will provide expert advice on the auction program, item descriptions and unique selling propositions, IT and media support, marketing avenues and audience interaction activities such as art lectures.

Baterbys Benefit Auctioneer Service brings you more than just the perfect mix of skills, knowledge and passion. Our team is dedicated to your cause and committed to making your fundraising goals a reality! 

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Auction Inventory Management

The mix, value and quantity of items that will be sold at the auction event are other determinants of success for a charity auction. Baterbys professional benefit auctioneers fully understand that the auction starts before the actual event, and we will actively participate in this aspect of preparing for the auction. Our fresh insights about the auction process will assist in determining which items would be best suited for your event and your audience. As Benefit Auction Services-certified auctioneers we are able to increase the sale value of an item through our skill level and breadth of experience as professionals in the field; we know which items to highlight and feature at the actual event. Given our dedication to connect with your audience on a more cause and goal –oriented level we will use our experience to bring in the highest value for your items.

Customer Service

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An auction event does not end when the auctioneer’s gavel goes down on the last item for sale. There are a number of post-sale activities to be handled before the event is concluded; customers have to be checked-out, orders processed, and shipping and handling must be coordinated. If buyers are not satisfied until this aspect is covered, an auction event still has a high chance of not yielding the highest return. The Baterbys’ auction staff are trained experts who can handle this aspect effectively. With a strong balance of technical and people skills as well as the knowledge and experience of auctioneers who have been in the field for more than 25 years, we are able to excellently manage customer service and all its complexities. Our mantra is simple…”Make the customers happy.” But this requires numerous technical skills and a relentless passion to simply serve you and your supporters. It is not enough for auctioneers to woo and charm an audience with grand personalities and highly practiced sales and closing techniques. This may bring your target gains, but it is our professional experience and auction expertise that takes it beyond the expected and have your supporters returning year after year.
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