Peter Max, world-renowned master of color and expression, has created theme art for the 2017 US Open, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of Arthur Ashe Stadium. The painting, executed in Max’s signature splashes of color, depicts two crossed tennis rackets above the stadium, referencing the fierce battle between players for victory in the Open.

Max has been creating art that documents major cultural events and important historical figures for the past 60 years. At Baterbys, we have several works from Max’s oeuvre that speak to the artist’s status as a major contributor to modern history.

Peter Max has been the official poster artist for five Grammy award shows, but special attention went into the 2003 artwork, as this show was held in Max’s adopted hometown of New York City. Baterbys is in possession of the original painting for the show, which depicts the signature Grammy trophy painted in a rainbow of colors, surrounded by vibrant pictures of major landmarks from around New York.

More recently, Peter Max documented the inaugural year of America’s first African-American president with a presidential portrait, in 2009. Max gives a traditional image of Obama a unique twist, turning it into a pop portrait reminiscent of Andy Warhol. The use of such bright hues on and around the former president removes any air of formality and gives his image a sense of liveliness and familiarity to the viewer.

Although these paintings have different subjects and intent than the US Open theme art, there is no denying their similarities as brilliantly colorful and historically relevant art by Peter Max.

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