Marcel Mouly will always have strong ties to Pablo Picasso, not just through friendship, but legacy. Mouly was the last artist of the ‘School of Paris’, before he passed away in 2008, marking an end to the direct influences that Picasso had begun over 100 years prior. Both of their legacies still remain, making them some of the top 20th century artists and of all-time.

At 37 years Mouly’s senior, Picasso was a role model to him, and his cubism was at the forefront of Mouly’s skillful adaptations. Picasso’s leadership served as a necessary tool for Mouly to create his own trademark style and make a name for himself.

One of the best examples of comparing the two is present through Mouly’s Personnages a la Plage and Picasso’s Bacchanale.

Personnages a la Plage by Marcel Mouly


Bacchanale by Pablo Picasso

Here, we are able to see the cubist influence in Mouly’s work, where Picasso’s style actually dates back to more of his realist beginnings. What sticks out as similar between the two is the subject matter. In both paintings, we see a group of adults lounging in some manner; with one personage on the floor in each artwork, one sitting, and one, or two standing up. In some ways, Mouly’s work almost serves as a reinvention of Picasso’s, only done with his own twist.

As we divulge deeper into the paintings, we are able to decipher that Bacchanale is from Picasso’s blue period, a time where he used darker and duller colors to manifest his feelings of sadness and depression, which was ironic because it takes place at a Bacchanalia, a Roman festival of usually high spirits.

In Personnages a la Plage, the color is stronger, making the setting more joyous in nature, especially considering the positioning of the man lying down. But Mouly decided to paint his characters as faceless, where Picasso described the mood through the more definitive facial expressions, including what appears to be his very own, on the man in the striped shirt.

Together, master, and disciple, Picasso and Mouly, are able to capture their viewers’ attention and show us exactly how one learned from the other. It went a long way in both of their careers, as Mouly became a rare extension of the legendary Picasso.

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