Azoulay, Guillaume

Independent and driven, Guillaume Azoulay was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1949 and taught himself to sketch, draw, and paint. By age 13, he was selling his work on the streets to jumpstart his career as an artist before he left his home a year later to travel. He set off to hitchhike across Europe and the Middle East, where he became fluent in five languages before he settled in Israel in 1967. Azoulay applied to Betzelel, the Middle East’s most famous art academy, but was rejected. He studied theater and graduated as an actor before moving to California in 1976, where he still lives today.

One of the most significant elements to Azoulay’s work is his purity of line. He uses organic line to create strong illusions of fluid motion and life. His artistic strength lies in his ability to use lines to establish depth, movement, contrast, harmony, and balance. Proud of his Jewish tradition and Sephardic heritage, Azoulay expresses his pride through biblical renditions, stories, and references in his art.

Guillaume Azoulay was presented with the Yehuda Halevi Award in 1986 and has held major exhibitions in Rome, Paris, Reno, Copenhagen, Tel-Aviv, and Monte Carlo. One of his most notable accomplishments is the fact that he is the youngest artist to be accepted into the permanent collection of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

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