Étude B

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Artist: Guillaume Azoulay

Year: 2009

Medium: Original pencil sketch on paper

Image Size: 6.75 x 9 in.

SIGNATURE: Signed in pencil, lower right

Edition: Edition of 117 numbered lower left

Condition: Excellent

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This is an original pencil sketch by Guillaume Azoulay. Azoulay is known for his ability to manipulate the element of line to its fullest capacity. He is also a lifelong lover of horses, and they appear frequently in his work. A self-taught Moroccan artist who at age thirteen started sketching and selling those sketches on the street, Azoulay is well-known for his ability to create illusions of movement and depth with the simple element of line. Often, Azoulay will create an entire artwork without ever lifting pen from paper, using a single, unbroken line. It is through his lines that Azoulay creates balance, harmony, contrast, depth and movement in each one of his compositions. He is one of the youngest artists to have his work accepted into the Louvre Museum in Paris. His art style is unique and instantly recognizable.

Depicted in this sketch is one of Azoulay’s iconic horses. While just a simple sketch it is still so detailed and he conveys the movement of a horse so skillfully.


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