Verve Vol IX: La Negresse

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ARTIST: Henri Matisse

YEAR: c. 1958

MEDIUM: Lithograph on paper

PAPER SIZE: 14 x 21 in. (approx)


EDITION: Dernieres Oeuvres De Matisse 1950-1954, Verve Vol IX, Editions de la Revue Verve, Paris


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La Negresse is an original lithograph after a paper cut-out by Henri Matisse. In creating this work, Matisse was inspired by Josephine Baker who often appeared onstage wearing only a belt of bananas. Matisse’s cut-outs captured the vibrancy and spontaneity of jazz music and Baker epitomized the Jazz Age. In the print, the large minimalist figure is surrounded by colorful floral forms seen throughout Matisse’s works.

Henri Matisse is well-regarded as the master of color of the 20th century. He was a versatile artist who created paintings, sculptures, and works on paper.


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