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abstract expressionism

Pablo Picasso- A Man of Different Faces

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Pablo Picasso– you’ve heard of him, you’ve studied him, and you’ve envied him.  On April 8, 1973, Picasso died as one of the most famous artists of the 20th century and for that we celebrate him. After producing over tens of thousands of pieces of art, we have become pretty familiar with his artworks; however,… continue reading »

Interview with Ivaldo Robles

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Ivaldo Robles, ser-de-los-elementos
Ivaldo Robles is an Abstract Expressionist painter from Cancun, Mexico currently living in Orlando, Florida. His works are a balance of the forms and colors of everyday life, and the  emotions and complexities of the world. Ivaldo’s artwork has a characteristic style which instantly will capture your eye. His naturalistic color pallet with golden hues… continue reading »

Kokó Brandão: Conquest

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Kokó Brandão, Brazilian born Florida resident, is a true Abstract Expressionist. She was able to find herself in this movement because the colors and forms are created freely in a subconscious creation which fits with her happy, creative and colorful personality. Kokó only started painting eight years ago in a country where the culture and… continue reading »