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Artist Spotlight: Marcel Mouly

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Marcel Mouly
Marcel Mouly was born in Paris in 1918. Mouly’s artistic career stated in 1935 when he started taking art classes at the French Academy. Mouly’s highly distinct style is defined by his use of vibrant color and can be compared to artists like Matisse or Van Dongen. Mouly worked in the Cubism and Fauvism styles…. continue reading »

That was a fun event! ‘Summertime and the Living’s Artsy’ recap

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This past Friday, we had another exciting event here at Baterbys Art Gallery that we called “Summertime and The Living’s Artsy!” For this event, we invited the community to visit our gallery nestled in the heart of Winter Park Village to enjoy an art-filled evening full of entertainment, education, and a unique opportunity to watch an… continue reading »

The Story in the Journey

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Sergey Cherep
The passion of an artist – the collection of stories and emotions that inspire their art – is more to them than just their talent.  They share their stories with the audience in hopes that the subject on display would be understood. For many painters, this is not an easy feat. They pour their soul… continue reading »

Kokó Brandão: Conquest

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Kokó Brandão, Brazilian born Florida resident, is a true Abstract Expressionist. She was able to find herself in this movement because the colors and forms are created freely in a subconscious creation which fits with her happy, creative and colorful personality. Kokó only started painting eight years ago in a country where the culture and… continue reading »