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Our Top 6 Artwork Picks of the Week

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This week we have scoured through our collections and found our very favorite pieces. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Come visit us at our gallery in Winter Park to see our favorites in person and find your favorites!   1. Blue Swan Artist: Elena Bond Year: Unknown Medium: Unique Hand… continue reading »

Featuring Six Unique Hand Embellished Mixed Medias on canvas by renowned artist, Elena Bond.

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Featured Artist: Elena Bond  “I see Elena as one of the key artists in modern impressionism, pushing the boundaries of the movement in a way that hasn’t been done previously.” – Pierre Henri Matisse About Elena Bond: Elena Bond was born into an artistic family, her great-grandfather and grandfather were both artists and her mother… continue reading »

Making the Time: Tips for Artists on Time Management

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Life has a way of shifting priorities in our schedules and creating a barrier between the things we love to do most. Sound familiar? Whether it is writing, painting, dancing, or cooking those recipes we have pinned on Pinterest and sworn we’d make at some point, the arts in our lives tend to be at… continue reading »

8 Summer Essentials Sale

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Summer is here! And without further ado we are kicking off this summer at Baterbys with a sale on 8 essential art pieces that are sure to get you into the spirit of the season! This sale will be taking place until July 9. Be sure not to miss out on this opportunity to spruce… continue reading »

10 Bizarre Facts You Might Not Know About Salvador Dalí

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When people hear Salvador Dalí’s name nowadays we think “artist” but it wasn’t only Dalí’s art that help his name to become a house hold name like it is today. He was considered one of the most famous men of the 20th century for more than a few reasons. Obviously his art is iconic, but… continue reading »

Food and Art Combined

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Who doesn’t love good food and good art? So why not combine them! When people think of Orlando they often think of Disney, theme parks, and tourism. Those who live in Orlando know that we have much more than that going for us. We are a creative city always coming up with new ideas and… continue reading »

Baterbys receives multiple awards at 2015 NAA/USA TODAY Marketing Competition.

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On May 18th the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) announced the winners for this year’s NAA/ USA TODAY Auction Marketing Competition. This annual competition has become one of the premier avenues for NAA members to showcase their marketing efforts. Presented in partnership with USA TODAY this prestigious competition highlighted top-level marketing efforts by various auction companies… continue reading »

Exhibition Review: Art des Femmes

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Baterby’s Art Gallery kicked off the newest exhibition with great spirit on Thursday, May 28th. The works of talented artists Elena Bond, Joanne Netting, Charles Lee, Pino, Leonor Fin, Dorit Levi, Gary Benfield and many more where displayed, all of whom captured womanhood and the feminine aura of women with impeccable skill. If we missed… continue reading »

Do you know Duaiv?

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Duaiv ocean paining
5 Fun Facts About Duaiv: 1. Duaiv executes all of his pieces with a palette knife. This allows him to put layer upon layer of paint on the canvas which give his pieces beautiful dimension and texture. If you have ever tried creating works with only a palette knife you know how difficult this method… continue reading »

Art Therapy

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Art has always been cathartic for me. As a child, whenever I was mad, my mom made me color. I furiously would scribble away and soon enough, my anger would have passed and I felt better. Not realizing it then, but that was a form of art therapy. I’ve always loved art, creating it myself… continue reading »