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Pablo Picasso- A Man of Different Faces

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Pablo Picasso– you’ve heard of him, you’ve studied him, and you’ve envied him.  On April 8, 1973, Picasso died as one of the most famous artists of the 20th century and for that we celebrate him. After producing over tens of thousands of pieces of art, we have become pretty familiar with his artworks; however,… continue reading »

Artist Spotlight: Marcel Mouly

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Marcel Mouly
Marcel Mouly was born in Paris in 1918. Mouly’s artistic career stated in 1935 when he started taking art classes at the French Academy. Mouly’s highly distinct style is defined by his use of vibrant color and can be compared to artists like Matisse or Van Dongen. Mouly worked in the Cubism and Fauvism styles…. continue reading »

What is the 21st Century’s art movement?

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From the 18th to the 20th centuries, most artists were defined by an art movement. These artists would learn from one-another and stretch each other to produce works that are collected around the world until today. Yes, some strayed and utilized their creativity in different ways and became who we would consider innovators. But there… continue reading »

Tis the Season for Cubism

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Vollard and his Cat by Pablo Picasso
Each season and every holiday mean something significant to each one of us in different ways. Some may have painful memories as they had to say good-bye to a loved one, while others are celebrating new adoration or new additions to their family. Be it as it may, the time we spend together is the… continue reading »

Marc’s Message: Religious Imagery in Chagall’s work

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As an artist, Chagall continually embraced religious themes throughout his career. He was raised in Russia as a Hasidic Jew, although he was not practicing as an adult Chagall still felt a deep connection to this upbringing. He also felt very strongly about conveying a more universal message by combining both Christian and Jewish themes… continue reading »

Picasso and Rembrandt : A MoMA Post

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Pablo Picasso is a Spanish Master that will be featured in Baterbys upcoming Exhibit. The Museum of Modern Art blog, called Inside/Out, has an interesting post on Picasso’s printmaking process in Picasso’s late period. During a seven-month period in 1968 alone, he made nearly 350 prints! This period was also a time when Picasso looked… continue reading »