10 Bizarre Facts You Might Not Know About Salvador Dalí

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When people hear Salvador Dalí’s name nowadays we think “artist” but it wasn’t only Dalí’s art that help his name to become a house hold name like it is today. He was considered one of the most famous men of the 20th century for more than a few reasons. Obviously his art is iconic, but… continue reading »

Touring the World One Painting at a Time

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Touring the World One Painting at a Time Travel the world? Yes please! Is there anyone out there who does not have that familiar dream on their bucket list? This one keeps getting pushed down to the bottom on my list too. Not to worry, we have compiled 7 different pieces of art from 7… continue reading »

“Orlando’s Best Art Gallery” for 2015

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Orlando Style Magazine votes Baterbys the “Orlando’s Best Art Gallery” for 2015 Baterbys is once again voted “Best Art Gallery” in the city of Orlando. Readers of the Orlando Style Magazine place their votes in the annual Readers’ Choice Awards each year. After the votes from 15,000 subscribers were tallied, Baterbys landed the winning spot,… continue reading »

Baterbys Art Gallery Presents New Exhibition of: Art des Femmes

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Now here’s an event you don’t want to miss out on! Mark your calendars now! On Thursday May 28th from 5:30pm – 8:30pm, Baterbys Art Gallery is having a major exhibition featuring a collection of Fine Art by women artist, as well as other works portraying women.  This exhibition will feature amazing works by Elena… continue reading »

Baterbys Partners with IGFA for Local Artist Exhibition

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Baterbys Art Gallery, Central Florida’s top choice for collecting art, is excited to announce the International Game Fish Association as the beneficiary of the Local Artist Florida Wildlife Exhibition. The International Game Fish Association is devoted to promoting the conservation of fish and aquatic habits. Baterbys invites you to celebrate both local artists and the… continue reading »

The Best Stores for Art Supplies

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Need art supplies? Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we all are. Shopping for supplies can be frustrating and confusing, so we laid down the best stores both online and in major cities.  You’ll be done before you know it.  1. Michaels The common go-to store for arts and crafts is, of course, Michaels. It’s usually the first… continue reading »

5 Facts About Marc Chagall

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1. Marc Chagall, born Moishe Shagal, was raised in Vitebsk in Belarus. He was the oldest of nine children. 2. In the 1950s, Pablo Picasso stated that “when Matisse dies, Chagall will be the only painter left who understands what color really is.” 3. Chagall is one of very few artists that exhibited their artwork… continue reading »

Due to high demand, we have purchased new Elena Bond pieces for the gallery!

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For those of you that are unfamiliar with Elena Bond, I will give you a little background information on her. She was born in Samara, Russia in 1965. Bond attended State college of art in Uzbekistan majoring in Scenic Design, and went on to study at the Academy of Art. She has had many major… continue reading »

How to Choose the Right Artwork for Your Home

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I will start this post by simply saying that empty walls make me feel extremely anxious! One of the first things I do when I move into a new place is to begin the process of hanging my artwork up, and plan my future art purchases to fill any awkward empty spaces. Empty walls may… continue reading »