French to Modern Impressionism

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Impressionism is a major style or movement in art originating from 19th century France. This style is not made to focus on an accurate depiction of the scene, but rather is more concerned with capturing the visual impression of the moment. This is achieved by a variety of brush strokes, some short and thick and… continue reading »

William Vincent Kirkpatrick: Modern Impressionist

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Beginning next month, Baterbys Art Gallery will honor the life and work of American artist William Vincent Kirkpatrick by hosting an exhibit featuring his art. Visitors will be dazzled by the artist’s paintings which include serene landscapes, dynamic portraits, and fine still life images.       Kirkpatrick was born in St Augustine in 1939… continue reading »

The Master of Impressionism

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Strolling Harborside by Elena Bond
Impressionism emerged during the early 1900’s when a rogue group of artists decided to defy the traditions of the French art schools and salons, in particular, the Académie des Beaux-Arts (the Academy that dominated French art during the middle of the 19th century, known to be the relentless preserver of traditional French painting). Instead of… continue reading »

Renowned Impressionist Elena Bond Steps Into the Limelight at Baterbys Art Gallery in Orlando

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On March 9th, Baterbys Art Gallery – voted Best Art Gallery for two consecutive years by thousands of Orlando Style Magazine and Orlando Magazine readers – will have the honor to receive the well-known and acclaimed artist Elena Bond. Impressionism emerged during the early 1900’s when a rogue group of artists decided to defy the… continue reading »

Meet Elena Bond: First Impressions, Last

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Elena Bond
If you happen to view an Impressionistic artwork, step back a little, squint your eyes and try to look at it from different angles to scrutinize the varying effects of the light as it casts a gradation of shades and tones on the piece. If people back then went through these steps, they would have… continue reading »


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Impressionism was widely viewed as a distinct break from past artistic styles such as Classicism and Realism. It was rumored that the movement was initially rejected by the French bourgeois as it did not fall into any easily recognizable art form . Although the Impressionist movement did not exclusively consist of French artists, it did… continue reading »