Baterbys’ Valentine’s Day Collection: 20 Romantic Artworks of Couples

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If you’re looking for a sweet way to show your significant other how you feel, why not do it with a romantic piece of art? Chocolates and flowers are a little been there, done that. The artworks below feature embracing couples, couples dancing or playing music, and couples walking on the beach or in a… continue reading »

Picasso’s Muses

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Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is arguably the most recognized artist that has ever lived. He was notorious for always having a beautiful woman by his side. They were not only his lovers, but also his muses that greatly inspired his artwork during their time together. The six main women in Picasso’s life were all beautiful, and each… continue reading »

Event Recap: Valentine’s Day at Baterbys

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On Valentine’s Day there’s nothing more ideal than a candle-lit art gallery filled with beautiful artwork. It was a very romantic weekend here at Baterbys Art Gallery. One only needs to see the splendid event from the photographs of the night of our Baterbys Valentine’s Day exhibition to feel the passion and excitement of last… continue reading »

A Vision of Love: Soco Freire

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Face It by Soco Freire
Inspiration is the fuel of the aesthetic process because it provokes innovation and molds unique stylistic identity. An artist has the ability to encapsulate inspiration from a fleeting world and translate it into an object; these tangible objects are the beloved artworks of the world. Some of the greatest artists have been honored as great… continue reading »