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Post Impressionism

Pablo Picasso- A Man of Different Faces

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Pablo Picasso– you’ve heard of him, you’ve studied him, and you’ve envied him.  On April 8, 1973, Picasso died as one of the most famous artists of the 20th century and for that we celebrate him. After producing over tens of thousands of pieces of art, we have become pretty familiar with his artworks; however,… continue reading »

The Story in the Journey

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Sergey Cherep
The passion of an artist – the collection of stories and emotions that inspire their art – is more to them than just their talent.  They share their stories with the audience in hopes that the subject on display would be understood. For many painters, this is not an easy feat. They pour their soul… continue reading »

Similar Differences: Ladies in Waiting

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Because I work in a Gallery, I am privileged to experience openings, exhibits, events and so much more. With these experiences I often gravitate towards the artworks and mediums that catch my eye and the ones I can draw a story from. There have been times when I have mistaken one artist over another.  The… continue reading »

From Impressionism to Neo – Expressionism and everything in between: Post – Impressionism

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van Gogh
If one movement begets another movement and so on and so forth, then Post-Impressionism was begotten from Impressionism. Just as an estranged child evolves beyond their parents accomplishments, Post –Impressionism veers away from Impressionism by pushing the envelope to attain more structure, expression and emotions into their paintings. Post-impressionists, who began to make their mark… continue reading »