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Symbolism in Dali’s Work

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Salvador Dalí
Salvador Dalí was not just a skillful artist of the 20th century; he was also an inventive thinker. He was constantly challenging his viewers by adding seemingly abnormal objects inside his artworks that forced them to think outside the box. Many of these symbols were repeated throughout his pieces. The objects began to take on… continue reading »

The Ladder: Joan Miró

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Joan Joan Miró's Dog Barking at the Moon, 1926
“One who, amidst the silence of others, uses his voice to say something.”- Joan Miró The Spanish painter, sculptor, and print maker, Joan Miró, is considered to be one of the greatest modern artists of the twentieth century. Widely known as a Surrealist, Miró’s work changed many styles as he went through different phases throughout… continue reading »

It’s in the Symbols: Salvador Dali

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The Soft Watches One of Dali’s most famous symbols in his work: the soft watches. He takes the idea of a watch and bends its reality; watches have a hard surface and have a non-bendable outline, but Dali turns that reality on its head. Dali’s watches bend and have a soft surface. The reality becomes… continue reading »