1. Peter Max has painted a variety of subject matters. There is something in our gallery for everyone to enjoy!
  2. The imagery is vibrant and uplifting.
  3. Young or old, there is a painting that will speak to you.
  4. Baterbys Art Gallery is offering 20% off all Peter Max art purchases! Who doesn’t love a good deal on original art?
  5. The artworks of Max are never negative or depressing. The artist’s aim was to uplift his viewers and promote peace and happiness.
  6. All of the art is part of American history. Old or contemporary, his posters and paintings are as American as apple pie.
  7. As the most famous artist of the 60s and 70s, Max’s art fills the hearts of an entire generation with happiness.
  8. All of Max’s artworks are his favorite! When you come to Baterbys Art Gallery you will certainly see why that is the case.
  9. The colors are BEAUTIFUL.
  10. It can be said that Peter Max’s art unifies the world of fine art and every day observers. Through bringing together a variety of collectors and enthusiasts of all ages, we agree wholeheartedly!

Fall in love with the art of Peter Max when you attend our Celebrating Life In Color Exhibition going on now through November 18th!

Visit the event page for more details or to schedule your own private tour!


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