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The Great Fathers Behind the Artists

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Salvador Dalí

With Father’s Day right around the corner, Baterbys Art Gallery is taking a moment to commemorate the supportive fathers that allowed their sons to grow in their artistic abilities and become the world-renowned artists that we know and love today!

Salvador Dalí

Painting of Dali's Father
Portrait of my Father, Salvador Dali

From an early age, Salvador Dalí was producing extremely sophisticated drawings. His parents strongly supported his artistic abilities, and even built him an art studio before he began drawing school in 1916 at the Colegio de Hermanos Maristas and the Instituto in Figueres in Spain. After his first year at art school, he discovered modern painting in Cadaques while on vacation with his family. The following year, Dalí’s father organized an art exhibition of his charcoal drawings at the family’s home.


Pablo Picasso

Painting of Picasso's Father
Portrait of the Artist’s Father, Pablo Picasso

Picasso’s father was a painter who focused on naturalistic depictions of birds and other game. He was a professor of art at the School of Crafts and a curator at a local museum. From an early age, Picasso showed skill and passion for drawing. Beginning at the age of seven, Picasso began to receive formal artistic training from his father in oil painting and figure drawing. His father was a classical, academic artist and instructor who felt that proper training required meticulous replication of the masters, and using live models and plaster casts to draw the human body. Picasso’s father and uncle sent him to Madrid’s Royal Academy of San Fernando, the country’s leading art school.


Joan Miró

Photograph of Miro's family
Photograph of Miro’s Family, 1903

Miró’s father was a goldsmith and watchmaker. His father’s artisan background would prove to be very important to Miró’s work. After attending a commercial college and working as a clerk for two years, Miró had a mental breakdown. His parents took him to their estate in Montroig, Spain to recover. Afterwards, they allowed him to attend an art school in Barcelona because they knew it was good for his health and happiness.


Peter Max

Photograph of Max in Shanghai as a child
Photograph of Peter Max as a child in Shanghai

At the age of 3, Peter Max’s parents found him drawing on their antique trunks with crayons in their home in Shanghai, China. Although they were a little upset, they were happier to see how excited he was. Max’s father, Jacob, was an amateur artist, and after noticing his interest in art the couple hired an art teacher for their son—the 7-year-old daughter of a local street artist. She came to the house 7 days a week, and helped form the foundation of his artistic abilities. Both Max’s father and mother supported his art career and they sent him to the Art Students League of New York after high school.



Duaiv standing with one of his paintings
Duaiv standing with one of his paintings

At the age of three, Duaív picked up his first paintbrush and unfortunately used the walls of his home for his first canvas. He completed his first oil painting at the age of 9. Duaív’s family moved to an island off the coast of France, which inspired his use of boats and seascapes in his paintings. His father was a sculptor and his mother was a pianist. Oddly, his father wanted him to become a musician rather than an artist and purchased him a cello. Duaív practiced rigorously with the cello; however, he could not give up his passion for painting and chose to be classically skilled in both art and music. His parents would prove to equally inspire and support his passions and skill as a well-rounded artist.


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