Each season and every holiday mean something significant to each one of us in different ways. Some may have painful memories as they had to say good-bye to a loved one, while others are celebrating new adoration or new additions to their family. Be it as it may, the time we spend together is the reason that makes the season bright.

If there was a camera following us around 24/7 during the holiday season the lens would be filled with parties and laughter, joy and pain. Producing images that we would view yearly while reminiscing over the memories of how they were created. Certain painters have the talent of the camera in their brushes, enabling them to capture the true essence of family and holiday cheer.

Artists like Dorit Levi and Charles Lee.

Israeli born, Dorit Levi grew up among warmhearted people and a culture filled with much laughter. Her unique style stems from her artistic vision and personal experiences. Living in warm and colorful places, you often see that Levi’s surroundings play a huge role of inspiration for her.

Levi pieces depict happier times that are filled with music, laughter, dancing and singing. Her choice of colors and cubistic brush strokes feels fun and free. Her images are filled with love, foretelling that we are all one family.

A similar difference is Korean born, Charles Lee. Like Levi, Lee chooses a rich color pallet that depicts festivity. His pieces display the beauty of music and fellowship with good company.

His cubistic style is sophisticated and warm. He leaves the faces blank and the surrounding is vague; allowing the image of what you see to be your own. Anyone who views the works of Lee may feel as if they are immersed as part of the crowd in his painting.

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