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Tomasz Rut: Timeless Classics

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Tomasz Rut

Marc Chagall, Gary Benfield, and Alexander Wissoztky: these artists inspire passion in romance and relationships. The way they depict love can melt any heart of stone and turn any skeptic into a believer. Each one of these renowned artists found inspiration in the heart of their passion. Their creations primarily center around their very own relationships. Like these greats, Tomasz Rut is one artist who embodies everything that is romantic and sweet; arguably indelicate and passionate. This artist alone is the symbolism of romance, mysticism and beauty.

Tomasz Rut’s (pronounced “root”) style seems to be an amalgamation of illustrations from the most romantic eras in history – the Baroque and Renaissance periods. True to the natural order of life, inspiration had a natural “Rut” (pun intended) for Tomasz.

Born to an artistic mother
, Tomasz was already surrounded by such stylistic influences at an early age. His mother introduced him to the Pompeiien Frescos and the magnificence of Renaissance and Baroque art at an early age. His Father, who was an Olympic artist (he won the bronze medal in the 1960 games as a hammer thrower), influenced his work ethic and motivation. After retiring from being a professional athlete, he furthered his own education as a civil engineer. The art education and motivation for personal growth instilled in Tomasz from his early years formed him into the hardworking, creative force we are witnessing today.

Rut’s first trip to the United States was a pinnacle in the formation of his artistic style. He was invited for an apprenticeship at the Museum of the Hispanic Society of America in New York. This is where Tomasz became fascinated with the basic intricacies of works by masters such as El Greco, Velazquez and Goya.

He later attended the Pratt Institute of New York. Wanting more than the basic art knowledge the curriculum covered, he eventually felt stifled by this school’s program. He returned to his birth land of Warsaw where he felt he would be able to get more in-depth technical training. After graduation, Tomasz returned to the US and utilized his training in the art conservation field. His was acclaimed for his work in restoring and renewing prestigious landmarks like the Biltmore House in Ashville, NC; Smithsonian Institution and Treasury Department in Washington, DC; and the Vizcaya Museum, a 1916 Italian renaissance-style villa in Miami.

Tomasz relocated to Florida where he said he had finally discovered his style. All the restoration training and formal education he went through is reflected in the most intricate parts of his creations, therefore giving Rut’s artworks the true spirit of the past master painters.

The beauty of his artistry gravitates towards a realism not seen by many artists today. You can actually see the feelings portrayed in his artworks. He believes we are all spiritual beings who are capable of creating beauty around us. Therefore, there is a natural understanding to his works, art that is full of love, passion and tranquility.


Tomasz Rut’s name will forever transcend throughout the trends of the art world, simply because his art is undoubtedly a timeless classics.

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