Elaine Murphy, beautiful, smart, talented Irish born artist and designer, understands the balance of her aesthetic vision; passion. Her motivation derives from her passion as an artist, making her a triple threat among her gifts as a jewelry and clothing designers, as well as a painter. These talents also grant her the ability to create each facet with refined grace and self-respect.

A first time artist in our Baterbys collection, we are excited to introduce Elaine to some of our favorite clients. She will explain what motivates her, what inspires her, and the causes that she believes in. We thought some basic Q&A will help our readers understand what sets her apart as an artist. This is just a prequel of what to be expected on this Second Fridays event as we celebrate Elaine Murphy as she is true to herself.

Baterbys: Please tell us about yourself.  

Elaine: I’m an Irish artist and designer who have lived in the US for 20 years. My art is and always has been my passion. I’m happiest when I’m creating. I love animals and support animal charities. I have 7 animals. I rescued my 3 dogs on the streets of Mexico, where I had a factory, (Elaine Murphy Designs) at one time. I brought them and 2 cats legally into the US Then I rescued 2 more cats while living in California. –I love music and I love being in nature. –I remember when I was 4 years old in my grandparent’s kitchen, and my grandfather put me on his knee and asked me what I was going to be when I grow up. I said an artist. — I love painting on canvas with acrylics. I don’t have the patience for oils. Acrylics are immediate, they dry fast, I can do washes, scrapes, splashes, anything with them.  

Baterbys: So Elaine, what would you say is your motivation?

Elaine: I like to create beauty. I can respect paintings of an artist’s demons and nightmares, but do I want to look at it in my living room every day? Eh, no! I always paint to really loud music – it gets me “into the zone” and blocks out my mind so that the “feeling” of the painting takes me over.  

Baterbys: What philosophy do you adopt towards your art?  

Elaine: I paint what I love. It’s that simple. It’s only if I love it that there will be passion and energy in the painting and the viewer senses that. I can always tell if an artist has put his/her heart into a painting.  

Baterbys: How would you say others describe you?

Elaine: Probably as a very genuine person with a very kind heart. However people who know me really well know that I’m no wimp. I’m very resilient and strong when it comes to overcoming difficulties.  

Baterbys: So, with a personality like that have you had any disappointments in your works?  

Elaine: Nothing has disappointed me about my artwork. However, I had a lot of disappointments in trusting the wrong people with my artwork, and I paid a very high price for it. But I learnt a lot, and life is a continuation of learning experiences. 

Baterbys: Well said! So would you consider yourself successful? 

Elaine: Other people seem to think I’m successful, but I don’t feel even close to as successful as I want to be. I do feel successful however in the fact that I’ve been true to myself and followed my passion throughout my life, despite a lot of knocks and setbacks.  

Baterbys: We know how others would describe you, but how would you describe yourself?

Elaine: Probably kind, compassionate, {and} genuine.  

Baterbys: So if you were to inherit $20 million dollars, what would you do with that money?  

Elaine: Definitely support animals on a much larger scale. Also I’d probably buy a beautiful hideaway retreat in a remote tropical place that had a huge glass art studio adjacent to it. I’d probably buy another retreat in a little country village in Ireland with a lot of land to have an animal sanctuary. And I’d enjoy life even more, twenty million times more!!!

Don’t forget to RSVP this Second Friday, and see why Elaine Murphy lives the Baterbys motto: Where Art is a Passion.

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