We’re three days away from Halloween, which means if you don’t have a costume yet it’s crunch time. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays because it’s the best time to show your creative side. In the words of Andy Warhol, “Art is anything you can get away with,” and when is that more true than on Halloween when you can be whatever or whoever you want to be. Here are 10 easy last minute costumes you can make to turn yourself into an artistic masterpiece.

1. “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci 

Mona_Lisa,_by_Leonardo_da_Vinci,_from_C2RMF_retouched 15bf975d0f10c1db8d897dc6d686f668

Go all out on October 31st as the most famous painting in history. While you can choose to actually dress like the delicate lady herself, an easier option is to print the artwork on poster board, design your own frame, and cut a hole to stick your face through. Bellissima!

2. “Flower Thrower” by Banksy

banksy_s grid-cell-30079-1382919784-3

Represent the master of street art, Banksy, with this awesome rendition of “Flower Thrower.” Wear all black and paint white accents in imitation of the iconic painting. Grab a hat, black bandanna, and a bouquet of flowers for the complete look. Check out other works by Banksy that you can similarly recreate.

3. Andy Warhol and his “Marilyn Diptych”

andy222 warhol-monroe-645x645

Give your Halloween a little “POP” with this super simple couples costume of Warhol and his leading lady. For Andy, don a white wig, black turtle neck, and glasses. For Marilyn, brush a light layer of pink blush over your entire face, add some bright eye shadow, a flashy wig, and your most extravagant outfit. You don’t have to stick to yellow and pink. Be any one of Warhol’s colorful renditions of the gorgeous icon.

4. “Adele Bloch Bauer I” by Gustav Klimt


On the subject of beautiful women, here’s a more elegant costume choice. Julianne Moore took this outfit to the next level but you can recreate it too. Find a simple gold or yellow dress, drape yourself in gold cloth, and add gold fabric shapes and blue embellishments for the complete look.

5. “American Gothic” by Grant Wood

Grant_Wood_-_American_Gothic_-_Google_Art_Project grid-cell-24371-1383161525-4

Keep it classic with this easily recognizable couples costume. Head to your nearest thrift store for some colonial-inspired garb, including an antique brooch and overalls. Add a pitchfork and frame and you’re one of the most popular images of 20th century American art.

6. “Portrait of a Woman” by Pablo Picasso

grid-cell-8599-1382632835-35 grid-cell-8599-1382632836-39

In the words of Pablo Picasso, “Everything you can imagine is real” so let your imagination run wild and get inspired by the leader of the Cubism movement. Use body paint to apply various shades all over your body and add mismatching eyes on your eyelids for an extra creepy vibe. Drape yourself in blue and purple fabric or check out Picasso’s many other female portraits for more similar ideas.

7. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera 

tumblr_ng4zeo3IeF1u59p3po4_r1_500 6df3d998b36b5792b12166625e833fd3

Another great couples costume is to mimic the great Spanish artists Frida and Diego. A classic denim shirt and slacks makes a perfect Diego while you can impersonate the feminist icon Frida with a milkmaid braid, spanish style dress, and flowers in your hair. Don’t forget the signature unibrow and mustache!

8. “The Son of Man” by Rene Magritte

225px-Magritte_TheSonOfMan sonofman

Keep it “surreal” with this imitation of the classic self-portrait by Rene Magritte. A bowlers hat coupled with a crisp suit and red tie and you’ll be looking as classy as the painting itself. Print or paint a picture of a green apple on cardboard and glue or tape the stem to the brim of your hat. Assuming you want to see where you’re going, make sure the apple flips up onto the hat for when you’re briefly out of character.

9. Bob Ross and a Happy Little Tree

Bob_Ross_thumb 66-BobRossPainting

Ok, this is one of our favorites. If you already have a beard you’re halfway there. Just grab a brown afro at your nearest costume store, a nice button down and a paint palette to be the beloved Bob Ross. Get a friend to dress like a tree with a brown dress and leafy headpiece to really experience “The Joy of Painting”!

10. “Oh, Jeff…I Love You, Too…But…” by Roy Lichtenstein

250px-Oh,_Jeff...I_Love_You,_Too...But... 1323d09a7441e652be9d44e33bf9aff5

Be a Lichtenstein lady by dressing as one of his parody pop art pieces. Getting the comic strip look takes a steady hand and a good amount of time but the results can be mind-blowing. Draw a word bubble and fasten it to a headband to really make yourself pop! Look into Lichtenstein’s other renowned portraits of women for more ideas.

If you are going artsy this Halloween we want to see your costumes! Share them with us in the comments and you’ll have a chance to win a custom framed piece of art and have your photo posted on our Facebook! 

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