Here I present you with the question which transcends time, gender and age. You are new to art collecting and possibly have purchased a few artworks for decorative purposes. This time, you are looking to make your first purchase with intent. These possessions will bestow you the socially esteemed title of “Art Collector”. So, how can you be assured your acquisitions are the correct ones? Well, that depends entirely on what you hope to obtain from this new interest and soon-to-be obsession.

First and most importantly, collect art which speaks to you. Do you love the imagery? Does it evoke memories which you enjoy revisiting? However it may, be certain that you personally find enjoyment in what you collect. You can never go wrong with a purchase when you sincerely love the art.

If you are looking for an artwork which you would hope to appreciate in price over the course of time, there are some general guidelines which can help your purchase be a more educated one:

Emerging Artists (With support from established galleries)

Artists who are on the rise and are backed by established galleries, such as Baterbys, are a great starting point for your collection. When an art gallery sees value in purchasing or consigning an up-and-coming artist’s work, collectors take note. The gallery is inherently making the statement that the said artist is a representation of their quality and aesthetic. It can also be assumed they see a financial benefit to housing these artworks

Artists Collected by Established Collectors

When Anna Wintour starts wearing ruffles and proclaims that “they’re in”; then they are in style. Follow the acquisitions of the largest art collectors in the world and take note of where their attention is focused.  Steve Wynn, Steven A. Cohen and David Geffen are just a few to keep an eye on.

Famous Artists (With the auction records to prove it!)

Collecting artworks created by famous artists who have fetched millions at auction is a safe bet as well. These are artists such as Pablo Picasso who’s painting “Women of Algiers” earned a record breaking $179 million at a Christie’s auction sale in May of 2015. Pablo Picasso artworks continue to be sold at incredible prices worldwide. If you find yourself fortunate enough to purchase one at a fair price that is authenticated, I would recommend buying it now!

At Baterbys Art Gallery, art is our passion! We want to help you in creating your dream collection. Once you begin, we know you will fall in love with this wonderful path. Let us help you begin this adventure by attending our newest exhibit Pablo Picasso: The Diary of a Master. Visit our events page to learn more about how you can grow your collection and help support a good cause with your purchase!

-Alexandria Trsek, Baterbys Art Gallery, Fine Art Sales

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