Collecting fine art can present various challenges to those whom are seeking to expand or begin a collection. The art market is saturated with artists, showcasing a plethora of artworks composed of a variety of mediums. So who should you collect? At Baterbys Art Gallery, we recommend our clients collect what they love! However, if you are seeking out a more concrete answer, it is always a safe bet to collect artists whom have had strong influence in the history of art. It is without question that Peter Max can be categorized as one of those highly influential artists, making owning one of his original artworks an essential move for any collector. Join us at Baterbys Art Gallery, where you will have the opportunity to experience Max’s art in person! For a limited time, you can purchase any Peter Max memorabilia or artworks for 20% off gallery retail pricing…all available during our Peter Max Exhibition, going on now through November 18th!

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