My name is Marc, my emotional life is sensitive and my purse is empty, but they say I have talent.

To some, Chagall could be considered the quintessential artist.  He did not create to make money or to gain fame. Chagall created because he loved to do so.

It began in his childhood, when he would have vivid dreams of the bible stories that he would hear.  His visions of these Bible stories are often known for having a seamless combination of his Jewish heritage with a modern perspective.

While in Paris, Chagall worked with art dealer and printmaker, Ambrose Vollard.

I adore the theater and I am a painter. I think the two are made for a marriage of love. I will give all my soul to prove this once more.

Chagall was commissioned by Vollard to paint different series, but he needed inspiration to create the quality of work that he himself could be proud of. Realizing this, Vollard opened Chagall imagination with realistic situations. He took Chagall to different shows for him to experience the lights, color and excitement that could be found in the theatre performances. Therefore; birthing series like, Le Cirque, which is one of Chagall’s most notable creations to date.

Only love interests me, and I am only in contact with things that revolve around love.

Another one of Chagall’s adored print series is the love story of Daphnis and Chloe.  Once again, Vollard tried to persuade Chagall to accept this commission, but it was not until he fell in love and got married did he understand what love and commitment truly stood for. It was on his honeymoon in Greece, did Chagall begin to embark on retelling this beautiful story with his magical imagination.

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.

As time progressed Chagall became a master at printmaking.  He was able to accomplish hundreds of different series using his skill to be able to communicate how he was feeling about a particular subject.  Even today, the fans of Chagall’s artistry feel moved by the heart and soul that he poured into each and every one his of creations.

Will God or someone else give me the strength to breathe the breath of prayer and mourning into my paintings, the breath of prayer for redemption and resurrection?

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