Banksy spotted in Ukraine?


Banksy Speculated artwork in Ukraine

Photographed by photojournalist Ed Ram, who is working for photo agency Getty in Ukraine. 

A brand-new pro-Ukraine painting in the Banksy style has been spotted at an unidentified location in the country, and as usual with the Bristol street artist, it is blatantly anti-war.

A fundamental aspect of Banksy's street art technique has always been using art as a political tool. It was only a matter of time before a fresh Banksy artwork appeared in solidarity of the Ukrainian people as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to destroy lives.

Its resemblance to his past anti-war artworks makes it plausible that it is the Bristol street artist's original piece, however we are still awaiting Banksy's official confirmation.

The Mural:

A small boy throws an adult with a black belt to the ground in the last seconds of a judo battle in Banksy's latest painting, which was spray-painted on a partially demolished wall. Although the portrayal of the judo bout may initially seem out of place, Banksy appears to be directly insulting the Russian President with this. The International Judo Federation and European Judo Federation revoked Vladmir Putin of his taekwondo black belt and honorary judo title back in March 2022 for leading the illegal invasion of Ukraine.

The young child in the painting is most-likely meant to represent Ukraine beating Putin's Russia with indomitable will, riffing off the well-known tale of David & Goliath. 

Is it him?

It wouldn't be the first time Banksy had entered a conflict zone; he has previously visited Palestine on numerous occasions, first to paint on or near the enormous wall built by the Israelis and then to open The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, which was initially open only temporarily in 2017 but is still open to visitors today. 

Is it not confirmed on Banksy's Instagram whether this is in fact his work. Or possible a local street artist  in Europe working in Banksy's Style. 



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