Carlos Alberto Quintero: The Art Lover

A passionate person, artist and father; Alberto is also an art investigator and professor. Graduated from the National University of Colombia, where he is originally from, he earned a degree in Graphic Design and Art pedagogy. In his work, he wishes to achieve a comprehensive artistic approach that appeals to all the senses. Alberto seeks to express harmony, serenity and love; feelings that sometimes lack in our turbulent world. The color blue, which according to him represents those exact emotions, helps him achieve this goal and his favorite medium to create with is mixed media through which he believes he can express his creativity and knowledge fully. For Alberto, success is to have a greater ability to help others, and he makes it a daily goal to do so. A measure of success for him is to be greeted by the public and artists with appreciation and joy this brings him motivation to keep going. This professional artist would embody the majesty of an Andean Condor if he were an animal, and describes himself as a consistent and creative person who continues to grow every day in the American environment in which he now lives. Alberto is nevertheless considerably influenced by his Colombian roots and, in his art, one can appreciate the heavy symbolism and elements of Latin American history and culture. Most of his works can be associated with magical realism; magical elements are judiciously incorporated in the real world and his works also communicate a sense of mystery and symbolic. This artistic movement seeks to show objects as to reveal the spirits in those objects, the magic in them is revealed through the use of miniature details. His love and passion for his career defines him as well, and if he would win $20 million in the lottery, he would use it to create a teaching institute for fine arts. Additionally, if he could be place anywhere in history, Alberto would like to explore the future, where he believes his work could be understood more. The Colombian artist has worked extensively nationally and internationally, his exhibits generating great results, he also received various awards including recognition from the Florida Governor Charlie Christ, and the Mayor City of Orlando Mr. Buddy Dyer for his artistic contributions to the community. If you wish to read more about Alberto and discover his work, visit the following: More on Alberto: His website: More on magical realism: Read Alberto's Blogspot

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