Duaiv: Technique and Passion

The lustrous paintings of the artist Duaiv whisk viewers into a world of color and beauty. Duaiv is an internationally acclaimed artist who has been painting for over fifty years. Baterbys is highlighting the work of this accomplished artist in its new exhibit, Modernist Impressionists,  which is on view now until June 20th.  


Sur la Plage de Trouville

Soir Des Voiles



Duaiv was born in France near Bordeaux in 1952. Growing up in a maritime environment greatly influenced his artistic practice. Additionally, Duaiv was raised in a household that strongly encouraged creativity. His mother was a classical pianist and his father a sculptor. Duaiv was inspired equally by them and chose to pursue his passions in both art and music. He began painting at the ripe age of nine and went on to obtain formal training in both art and the cello, his instrument of choice. A pivotal moment in Duaiv’s artistic career occurred during a chance meeting with Salvador Dali in 1975. Dali offered him words of encouragement and urged him to continue his dual passions of art and music. Duaiv has enjoyed immense success as an artist; his works are beloved by collectors, and he has received many honors and awards throughout his life. 


Duaiv’s style is best described as a blend of Impressionism and Expressionism. His technique and subject matter derive from the French Impressionists, but his passion and emotion comes from the Expressionists. He does not work en plein air like the Impressionists. Instead, he chooses to work in his studio where he creates from memory and his imagination. Often this leads to him capturing subjects in a different way than they appear in reality, such as this painting of the Breakers, a hotel in Palm Beach. 


Lac au Breakers

Duaiv is often recognized for his use of vibrant color. However, he typically paints with only six to eight colors per piece. He layers the paint which allows him to create colorfully complex paintings with only a limited palette. Additionally, Duaiv applies paint in a specific way. Instead of using a brush, he uses a palette knife. This adds texture and vibrancy to his work making the brushstrokes appear to dance across the canvas. 


Detail of Arriere Pays et ses Iris

Small Paris 

  Today, Duaiv still approaches art and music with the same passion he did several decades ago. He paints and practices the cello daily in his home in South Florida. Additionally, he spends much of his time doing “Happenings”-spontaneous musical performances or live painting demonstrations in galleries and outdoor spaces. Duaiv summarized his enduring love for art best stating “However, I never tired of pictorial creations nor the need to paint and draw. This passion devoured me completely; I was simultaneously cause and victim.”


Duaiv playing the cello during a Happening, image from the artist’s website


Artworks by Duaiv and two other outstanding artists, William Vincent Kirkpatrick and Elena Bond, will be on display and available for purchase at Baterbys Art Gallery as part of Modern Impressionists. Admission is free, so don’t miss the chance to see this wonderful exhibit.

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