Kokó Brandão: Conquest

Kokó Brandão, Brazilian born Florida resident, is a true Abstract Expressionist. She was able to find herself in this movement because the colors and forms are created freely in a subconscious creation which fits with her happy, creative and colorful personality. Kokó only started painting eight years ago in a country where the culture and language barrier could have played an issue with making a name for her. This obstacle however, was a motivation for her to express herself through art. Her main focus in her art is Brazilian culture and her bright colors, portraits and the attention to detail in her portraits all convey a sense of beauty. Often depicting human figures on her acrylic on canvas, she captures their movement, grace and originality. Acrylic is also her favorite medium because she feels she can get faster results on her creations with it. Kokó is known for her kind friendly helpful personality; she always wears a smile and has a happy positive outlook that makes people laugh. I was not surprised to find out that her favorite color is yellow. A color that is not only bright and full of life, but it signifies hope, joy, intellect, happiness. The painter declares that she recognizes making mistakes but always uses them to improve her work. Each new painting is a conquest for this Brazilian woman who considers herself a successful artist who has achieved more than she could have imagined when she first started painting. Getting loyal customers and fans is also a marker of success for her and she happy with the visits she gets by interested people in her numerous exhibitions and art festivals she participated in. in the end, Kokó is a happy extroverted person who is full of life and new adventures. Learn more about Koko by visting her website: http://www.kokobrandao.com/ Vote for her on our page: https://www.baterbys.com/orlando_bestartist-finalists-koko-brandao.html Read Koko's Blogspot

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