The Lost Wax by Salvador Dalí

The Lost Wax  


Did you know Dalí created a wax sculpture? On the 118th anniversary of the Surrealist master's birth, Harte International Galleries on the Hawaiian island of Maui unveiled the work to the general public. In Avila, Spain, where St. John of Spain, a 14th-century monk, was motivated to draw the first impression of Christ on the cross from a heavenly vision, Harte Gallery met with Descharnes and Evaristo after the discovery of the Lost Wax.

It was finished in 1979, a decade before Dal's passing. It portrays Jesus being crucified above a plain body of water. Christ of St. John of the Cross. This valued pieces of $10-20 Million had been in storage for the last four decades, in a vault of a private collector close to Dalí.


Salvador dali with his wax sculpture



As a result, Evaristo gave the sculpture the same name as the most significant religious work ever produced by Dal, Christ of St. John of the Cross, which was painted in 1951, 28 years before the molding of the sculpture, according to Harte. 


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