Sarah Ali: An Artistic Journey into Expressionism

Sarah Ali is a determined and highly motivated artist who finds relief in painting and sees art as a form of mediation that has helped her a lot. Indeed, this mother of three started her career as an artist after she was diagnosed with LUPUS, a disease which caused her health to suddenly and rapidly deteriorate. Her uncle, the renowned and acclaimed artist Jamali has not only been her inspiration but also her mentor and motivation in the process of picking up the brushes and starting her journey into abstract expressionism. Sarah, originally from Pakistan, found in painting a way to release her emotions express her feelings, and an activity that makes her genuinely happy and makes her forget about the disease. It has a highly therapeutic value for her, the frustration or negative thoughts can be released in her work, and painting goes far beyond conventional medicine for her, it is a way towards healing that helps her every day. An outgoing, friendly and elegant woman, Sarah was featured in the top emerging artists of the magazine Art Business News. Her art is made unique by the unconventional mediums she uses; she predominantly works using pigmentation on cork for which organic paints are applied to imported cork fabric. But her favorite medium is fresco tempera; she was taught that good art has a lot of texture and believes this medium is a great way to achieve a three dimensional effect that creates a sense of energy coming out of it. This medium gives her a lot of freedom of expression and is also one that is used outdoors which she finds very pleasant; she also incorporates natural elements in it such as grass or leaves. Sarah prefers what she calls “rustic” colors which are gold, brown, or maroon for example because they give a feeling of warmth, intimacy, passion and depth. When asked if she considers herself successful Sarah immediately responds: “Yes. I consider myself successful because most importantly I have a wonderful family with amazing kids and a loving husband, I am strong in my academics and have an MBA, and I am also a marketing director. I am confident in my art although I remain humble and I have good support around me, which makes me feel generally successful in my life.” Visit Sarah’s website: Visit her page and vote for her:

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